Friday, October 19, 2007

Field Trip to the Zoo

In honor of my students from last year (who are going on a field trip today and invited me... sadly, I couldn't go), I thought I'd put up a piece of writing by one of the kids last year. This is "Our Field Trip to the Zoo." Watch out for dangerous chipmunks!

When we got to the zoo what I had did was since the zoo wasn't opening yet, we had went to the little park down by the zoo. Then when the zoo was opening we had went in. Then we had put our lunches on the bench. Then we played on the spider web. Then I had saw three crocodiles and two turtles. Then we had went and saw two tigers in their cave. Then we saw lot of giraffes and goats and a little bit of birds. We saw three elephants one was looking at us for kind of a long time. Then we saw some monkeys and some birds. Then we had saw the lion. Then we saw camouflaged big pigs. Then we saw this dangerous chipmunk. We had went to the petting zoo last but not least we had went back to the little park and played.

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Anonymous said...

Having recently been hit on the head by a pinecone dropped by a squirrel, I sympathize with your student and its experience with the dangerous chipmunk. I'm convinced it was a hitsquirrel. The local squirrel population has it in for me. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. And anti-rodent.