Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Watch the video here. Then come back. Please.

I am starting to really like Dove. Sure, they're a company trying to make money off of beauty products just like all other companies that sell beauty products but they have a lot of good links for girls (fact or fiction body quiz, etc.) and they are making more of an effort to use models of varying sizes than any other company I have seen.

And that video really touches me. They are not exaggerating. I saw this every day when I was teaching. The little girls wanting to be sexy, wearing "curvy" jeans, sneaking makeup at recess, spending an entire day getting their hair done, and... worst of all, in my opinion, learning that their self-worth comes from male attention. Yes, they are learning that in elementary school now.

We've got to change this. Any ideas how?


yrmnpr said...

Let's show that video to lots of little girls, before they begin to define themselves by images on tv and magazine.

Little girls are smart, they'll see the absurdity shown in Dove's video.

Erin said...

How do we keep girls from internalizing these messages in destructive ways? I think the commercial says it best, "Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does." If there is something to do when parents aren't doing it, I don't know what it is. :(