Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Worst Website

I was trying to find the phone number for payroll today to try and figure out what exactly I got paid for on July 10. You'd think on the district website, one would be able to find a phone directory for the different departments. Or an email directory. Possibly even both. No such luck. Nor did a search for "payroll" turn up anything useful. In addition, I couldn't find the information for the HR person assigned to me or the person in charge of subs. Grrr....

Right now, the school is splitting into three small schools - don't remember if I've mentioned that. Every classroom is getting a new teacher and new grade level, just about. This means that in each classroom, there is a teacher moving out, a teacher moving in, a set of grade level textbooks moving out, and a set moving in, probably none of which are the same. So there's four sets of people trying to deal with each room. Yuck. I don't like chaos.

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