Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stephanie's Mini-Autobiography

If you want to help her out - please make a check out to "People to People" and send it to me (email me or leave a comment and I'll send you my address). I'll get it to her. Tomorrow I'll put up her picture (with her dad's permission) and a copy of the letter that the leadership forum sent her so you can see that this is for real...

She really is wonderful if you want to do something good with some of your money.

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am in the 7th grade. I go to one of the new smaller schools in Oakland called Coliseum College Prep Academy and I'm a straight A student at the school because of the help off some of my previous teachers and my family. Some of my teachers that were helpful to me during this were Ms. Harris, my third grade teacher, Ms. Smith, my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Cofield and Ms. Knole my 6th grade teachers and my principal Mr. Townsend.

I have two brothers and one sister. My brothers are 18 and 6 and my sister is 4. My family is also a big influence, especially my parents pushing me to do well in school and make something of myself while taking care of me at the same time. My dad is really involved with my school and my work. But both of them are a big support to me.

My religion is Christianity and I go to church at International Faith Center, a non-denominational church that is also in Oakland.

I live in Oakland, CA. It's all right because now I'm used to it so I've been here all my life. You have to get used to it. There are some distractions but they don't get me off track. I know how to ignore them. I was only far from here once when I went to Washington on the other leadership forum. But this time I get a chance to go even further, out of the country. Actually, I hope I can go. It would be a really good experience for me.

Thank you for reading my Autobiography.

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