Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things I Won't Miss About School

  • Trying to have my prep time - on minimum days after the kids are gone and I finally have some time to myself to work or whatever - while there are constant announcements over the loudspeaker, every 10 seconds. "Johnny Smith, come to the office." "Teachers, dont' forget that the back gate is locked." "We are making this announcement just to create noise and drive you crazy - it's part of our evil plan."
  • Having "optional" meetings that aren't so optional during my prep time, which is supposed to be left pure and unadulterated and for MY use.
  • Getting memos and announcements over the loudspeaker that teachers are not allowed to leave campus during our prep time. Which would make sense if the kids were still here and we needed to be around in case the prep teacher had an issue with them. But when it's after school, the kids are gone, and I have to be back for a meeting, what is the harm in me going to get a coffee for 20 minutes during MY prep time? It's not like I don't prepare at home anyway. Or for me going to Walgreens, to get stuff to PREPARE (as in "preparation" or "prep" time) for a lesson. And over the loudspeaker? All the kids look at me, probably wondering if the school is going to assign babysitters to the teachers next.
I'm 31 years old, working at an elementary school, and I'm the one not allowed to go off campus after school? Seriously? Something might be wrong here.

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