Thursday, September 21, 2006


A new teacher in the parking lot: "I thought I'd been in the 'hood before, but man, THIS is the 'HOOD." I have heard that he worked in juvenile hall, but he says our school's harder. Awesome.

Also, the buildings & grounds guy came by and asked if I was the one who put in a work order because the "classroom is too hot." I don't know who it was, but the classrooms are too hot at the moment because it's hot outside and the way the sun hits the classroom, on days over 70 degrees, the classroom temperature is usually about 15-20 degrees warmer than outside. It sort of reflects around all the glass (no, I don't actually know the physics of this) and makes the rooms into hot glass boxes. You can open the windows but they all have metal gratings on them and if you open the blinds AT ALL it's like turning the heater on high. It's pretty miserable, but I never thought of putting a work order in to turn the sun down...


Jessica said...

maybe for donors choose? you know if you have a fan -- even a cheap old box fan -- and you let a wet towel over the front of it it works like an evaporative cooler so long as it's not humid (which it hardly ever is; presumably if it's foggy, then it's not hot)!

if you can put fans in the class, this can lower the temperature pretty well AND teach about evaporation... ??

be a good teacher grant too if you can find a science teacher to help you with that part.

Bronwyn said...

Not a bad idea!