Thursday, March 23, 2006


OK, maybe today I am replaceable. It was one of those days. Probably I'm reacting to the possibility of a strike, not getting enough sleep, having a lot of friends and other people in my life that I miss, and being cold. And partly the kids were just... challenging today. But i had trouble standing up and teaching. And sitting down and teaching just doesn't work (as I learned after I feel down the stairs and had to teach on crutches-the kids called them 'crunches'- for over a month).

So, it wasn't really a day that I feel was enormously successful. But no one hurt each other. No one even said they wished they were dead, which is something in my class. A couple of kids said they used to not be able to read and I'm taking that to mean that they realize that now they can. Another boy made me promise to come see his volleyball game Monday night (anyone want to come?) But overall, not the greatest day. That's the problem with this job. If the day didn't go well, you can't really leave it at the office. You can't really leave it at the office no matter what. The kids are too important. I can just hope that the long weekend does good things and that Monday is a better day.

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