Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Dreams

My dream is to be a pediatrician because I want kids to be safe and have a better Life and have someone who cares about them.

The reason I want to be a peditairican so I can help kids so They can be smart in school what I like about a pediatricain that I get to help small children and be heathly because some kids can die because the don't eat fruit and stuff so they won't be so sick and I want chidlen to Live heathly Lives like we do we want children to Live as Long as us.

[that girl routinely ate Flamin' Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese and a Pepsi for breakfast]

I want to be a sience teacher because I get to help students with sience and school problems and they can trust me with anything.  I want it because I can study animals because nature is interesting.

I have a dreem.  I have a dream to be a spy so I can spy on People and take them to jail and help People and I will have to learn hard at shcool to be a sPy and I what to work for the CiA and so I can get money for a car and a pet and that's my dream.

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