Friday, May 29, 2009

Update and Help Desperately Needed

The witness family has been promised some, but not enough money from the DA's office. If anyone is reacting with "Why are my tax dollars paying for this?" or "Why does the DA's office have responsibility to do this?" (which I hope they are not,) keep in mind that the reason they are in danger is because of the brilliant brilliant police of this fair city, which are fully living up (or down) to their reputation. The reasons the kids are in danger are:

1. The police didn't do anything when the kids' mom called six months ago because one of the suspects in Joshua's killing was threatening her son with a gun. They came to the house and told her "If no one is dead, we can't do anything." Interesting. Now someone is dead. Really? We had to wait for that?

2. After the shooting, the police took the witnesses down the street and had them point out the house where the suspects lived. The whole family (of the suspects) saw exactly who they are.

Like I said, brilliant.

Anyway. I spent half of yesterday at the DA's office with their mom, who we'll call "Rosa." My friend Warren spent the other half helping Rosa find a hotel that took cash and look for housing. He took the day off and did it again today.

Where we are:

Rosa filled out an application for an apartment in a safe neighborhood, and we're anxiously waiting for the landlord to get back to us. He knows this is time-sensitive. If this is finalized before 4:00 and the landlord signs the papers, Rosa can rush back to the DA's office and get the $1800 they're giving her in a check made out to the landlord. Then the family will have a place to stay through July at least.

Two problems:

1. If the landlord does not get back to Rosa before 4:00, the family has to stay in hotels all weekend. They can't afford this (got $200 from the DA's office for hotels and food, which lasted two nights. Since they don't have any more money, they will have to go back to their homes, which are NOT safe places right now.

2. If the landlord DOES get back to her, she collects the $1800 from the DA's office and is still $800 short for first and last month's rent and a deposit. I wish I had the money to cover them but I don't. We're waiting for Catholic charities, and I have a couple of friends who are sending some money. If anyone wants to help, PLEASE contact me right away. If you pray, please pray.

If this all works out, then they've got till July 31 to figure something out.

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