Monday, April 20, 2009

Literal vs Figurative

Finally, someone gets the difference between literally and figuratively. This is one of my biggest pet peeves ever. If I can explain it to third graders, how come adults can't get it??

When people say "Britney Spears literally cried a river..." NO! That is NOT what literally means! That's why we have the lovely word "figuratively." I hear newscasters use it all the time.

Finally, someone is helping me out. Even if it is a comedian. Look at

(By the way, I think they're right on about these protests too. That's another story though.)

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Erin said...

But literally can be used figuratively, too, if I may be permitted a moment of meta. Consider the venerable users of it in its emphatic sense here.

justducky said...

I literally hate the adverb (?)literally when used to describe completely impossible things. Give me a break.

Cry me a River is an excellent song in which artistic license is allowed. Journalism is supposed to make sense isn't it?