Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Possible Strike?

The Tribune reporter has a blog about what is going on in the district - another strike possible. You can read my comment under the name "Former Oakland Teacher."

Also, someone postulated that the reason that teachers in this district quit at the beginning of the year is so they can have no gap in their health insurance (comment #3). I was a little irritated. Sure, a few of them do stupid things like that, but first of all your health care goes through late August anyway, so quitting in late August gives you exactly the same amount of health care as you would have if you had quit in June. People should learn what they're talking about.

Second, (I'm comment #4 and 12 on the list) there are AMPLE reasons to quit at the beginning of the year. The district greatly misrepresents things. I'm not at all for quitting any time before the end of the school year, but then (as evidenced by the fact that I spent 8 years in this district) I might be more of a masochist than others when I'm thinking of the kids.

We really shouldn't ask why so many teachers quit. We should ask why all of them don't!

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