Friday, December 28, 2007

Payment Received!

Yes, I finally got paid for subbing! And it was even on time for one of the time sheets I submitted. The other one, as we already know, was submitted months ago and had to be resubmitted.

Therefore, I have revised my estimation of L, this woman in the subbing department. She didn't completely fail to pay me. All she did was "lose" my mailed in timesheet after telling me that she didn't "like to get them mailed in." (coincidence?) Oh, and she refused to answer any of my emails or phone calls about the matter. And she called to yell at me when I canceled a job because I had a fever. But I did get one of my payments on time.

Maybe I was wrong. Perhaps she's not really really really really, REALLY unprofessional. Maybe she's only really, really really, really unprofessional.

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Darren said...

I could not deal with what you substitutes deal with. That's part of the reason I always leave detailed lesson plans (so the students and the sub have something to do) and impress upon my students how much their actions in my absence reflect on their respect for me personally. I have pretty good kids, so both of these tactics usually work.