Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm a little late - I forgot to talk about Halloween.

I just have this to say. There are not words to express how relieved I was on Halloween. Why, you might ask? Because I did not have to endure children on sugar, children trying to surreptitiously put on their costumes, or children who have stayed up all night on Halloween, then come to school the next day simultaneously exhausted and totally wired on sugar.

Instead, I got to carve pumpkins myself!

For those who aren't aware, Halloween is one of the two most difficult days for an elementary school teacher, in my opinion. The other is Valentine's Day. Combine sugar, artificially created holidays and school parties and, wow...

I'm glad I'm working at home on the computer right now instead of teaching!


mhsieh said...

Could it be? Is that pumpkin puking? Cuz it looks like one of my kids.

mmmnpr said...

what artistry!

Did pup get to help out?