Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Girls Dressed as Women

Read this, then come back.

Disturbing, no? But anyone who's worked with kids lately shouldn't be surprised. I've seen little girls in halter tops, cropped shirts, low-rise jeans, "curvy" jeans, mini-skirts, platform sandals, high heels, makeup, hairstyles that took a full day to do, off the shoulder shirts... need I continue?

It disgusts me that clothing manufacturers make these styles. A six year old does not need curvy jeans. A six year old is not supposed to be curvy unless they still have the baby fat stomach. I don't want to see the kids' underwear because, while they are wearing low-rise jeans, apparently (thank God) they still wear normal underwear. It breaks my heart to see little girls at school who can't jump rope or run like they want to because they'll break their ankles in the ridiculous platform sandals they're wearing.

It also disgusts me that parents buy these clothes. I know it's getting hard to find clothes appropriate for children, but it's still possible!! Some parents say that their children won't wear anything else. Hmmm... you're still the parent, right? Last time I checked, parents are generally bigger than their elementary school aged children, and they definitely control the money, activities, and transportation. I have no patience with parents who give in to their child's every whim.

If you want to dress your little girl up so that she looks cute, buy her a little girl dress. Buy her overalls and a cute blouse. But please, stop trying to make her look like a voluptuous woman - she really turns out looking like a six-year old hooker.


Apparently, there are now thongs (underwear, not sandals) for children too? Anyone heard of this?

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LindsayDayton said...

Hear hear!! I kept incredibly strict rules on appropriate dress/accessories when I was a teacher--stricter than the school, even.

I have often made the observation that when I was a kid, we wore kids' clothes. Now, kids just wear smaller grown-up clothes.

On the other hand, when we were at the Seahawks game last week, I actually had to express pride when I saw the 100s of young Sea-Gals dressed in loose-fitting, body-covering, sleeved cheerleader uniforms. At least someone out there is doing it right...