Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Over.

The school year is over. I celebrated (?) by getting very dramatically ill and not being able to go to school for the last three days of it because I was too busy going to the emergency room over and over. Now there's all sorts of mixed feelings about what I wasn't able to do and how things ended. Many, many, very mixed feelings. But I'll have more time to blog this summer. And - although I'm very much looking forward to a break from teaching - less money. Anyone hiring?

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justducky said...

I hope you're better after being so ill!

Re: George Bush and poor grammar; just because he never got the speech therapy he obviously neede, do not underestimate him!

I mean he graduated from Yale, so he must be pretty intelligent...
even if he did slide through with dad greasing the wheels.

I think we do ourselves a disservice if we forget how smart the guy is. Smart, tricky, but clever...That's even more scary.
And his antics w. drugs at school?
Addicts (even recovering) are obsessed with control to the extreme...