Sunday, December 10, 2006

Turning In Their Guns

Interesting article in the Tribune about a gun trade-in.

Here's an essay that Shawn wrote last year, from the perspective of himself as an old man:

When I was a little boy, Oakland was dangerous. They had gangs and they would kill you. In 2006, there was 34 that got killed.* My uncle he got killed because he was going to pay this guy but that guy had the money. I felt sad when I heard my uncle died.

I hope that you live when you are old like me. When I was in 3rd grade, I like to do math. Math was my best subject. I got a math award. I like to write because people were jealous of my writing.

My teacher was fantastic. She let us go on a lot of field trips. She let us have helpers. My teacher broke her ankle because she fell down the stairs. She was fun.


*This was early in the year. I think the homicides got up to 115 or so last year. This year it's up to 141 or so and it's not even the end of the year.

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