Thursday, June 15, 2006


Number of School Days Left (with kids): 4
Number of School Days Left (for teachers): 5
Number of Total Days Until School's Out: 7

Number of Lockdowns So Far This Year at School: 3
Total Number of Lockdowns Covered by the Media: 0*
Total Number of Lockdowns Effectively Dealt with By Police (in my opinion): 0*

Population of Oakland (2000 Census): 399,484
Total Number of Homicides in Oakland in 2006: 61
Number of Homicides in Oakland in 2005 (at this point in the year): 35
High School Graduation Rate of Oakland Public School Students: 35%

*To be editorialized upon in a future post.

Lockdown today - a little frightening and frustrating, although everything turned out all right.

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Jessica said...

Have a great summer. And thanks for blogging.

Even though I rarely post, it's very helpful to hear what's going on day-by-day. It's like you're a war correspondent, except of course it's not war, it's teaching and childrearing.

I think that the systemic effects of visibility into the school can end up being incredibly important.

By the way, if you don't know Van Jones at the Ella Baker center, you should meet him. He's a great speaker, he seems to be a great person, and he's also working towards getting away from all the violence and all that. I don't know him personally, just heard him speak.