Friday, December 31, 2010

More Thoughts on Home Schooling

I had a few interesting comments on the last post, about home schooling.  I don't think home schooling is usually a good idea, but since I know people are going to do it anyway, I wanted to give them an idea of what is required. 

One comment speaks for itself quite well:

As a former elementary school teacher, the question I would like to ask parents who home school their children is this:  Would you remove your child's tonsils? No? If you haven't been trained a teacher, what makes you think you can teach?

The obvious point is that for some reason, a medical doctor's education is something that is revered and gladly paid for (for the vast majority).

With teaching, on the other hand, the training that we underwent and experience that we have is seriously undervalued.
Another person adds to the list:  

Excellent list! i did think of a couple more, maybe...: Does your child have access to other adults beyond the family? Have you considered that a child can't take being with their parent all day even if you feel fine with that level of contact? Do you have a peer group that you can be mentored from?
That is an excellent point.  It may not be in the *child's* best interest to only be around a parent and no other adults.  In addition, I think it is important for children to learn to respect other adults.  This does not have to be done in a school setting, but it does need to be done.
Another commenter pointed out that some children may have medical/emotional issues that makes it difficult for them to go to public school.  This is true, although public schools in most jurisdictions are required to meet these students' needs, even if that means paying for private tutoring.  This is not usually advertised though because it costs districts so much money.  However, the fact remains that home schooling is a full-time job and one that someone should be properly trained to do.  

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